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A training resource designed for DSA Students and Practitioners
Software video tutorials and integrated study skills create a resource to help individuals study more effectively. Techniques outlined within Succeed have been shown to help people save time while studying and help improve students' grades.

Assistive Software & Study Skills Made Easy

Succeed is a comprehensive training utility for DSA Students and Practitioners. Software video tutorials and concise study tips combine to create an invaluable resource to help people study more effectively and improve grades.

Succeed is Accessible in the broadest sense

  • Succeed uses studentís terminology to convey information in a meaningful non-condescending way
  • Succeed has 5 task-oriented menu tabs:
    Essay Writing, Research and Note making, Revision, Presentations and Windows 7
  • Software training is presented using professionally narrated, friendly Video tutorials
  • Each tab contains Video tutorials and Study Tips with a minimal amount of text
  • Succeed has an Accessibility Bar to allow visually impaired users to adjust text. Those with scopic sensitivity can change the background colour, text size and font.

Succeed in Numbers

  • 5 Task Oriented Tabs
  • 66 Video Tutorials
  • 10 Software Packages covered
  • 13 Digestible Study Tips
  • 1 Accessibility Toolbar
  • 3 Essay and Exam Calculators
  • 3 Note making and revision Templates

Succeed was put together with the help of 8 DSA Tutors, with 1000s of sessions experience providing Assistive Technology Training and Study Skills over:10 Years of working with DSA students