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Software video tutorials and integrated study skills create a resource to help individuals study more effectively. Techniques outlined within Succeed have been shown to help people save time while studying and help improve students' grades.
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Tips for good Presentations
  1. Avoid lots of text in presentations - Instead use keywords, images, graphs or tables and prepare notes on what you are going to say for each section of your presentation.
  2. Practice giving the presentation - You can use a Dictaphone to record yourself giving the presentation, and then listen back to your trial run. Alternatively practice in front of a friend or even in the mirror. It will probably feel stupid or embarrassing at first, but rehearsing will allow you to fine tune your delivery and after practicing you will feel prepared and ready to go.
  3. Incorporate humour - You don\92t need to do a stand-up act, but one joke at the beginning of the presentation will get your audience onside and attentive.

Writing in Word

Referencing - Don't Lose Easy Marks

Many students miss out on marks because they do not reference their work correctly. They are simple marks, especially if you use Word\92s referencing tool which makes referencing a doddle.

Word: Referencing Made Easy
video thumbnail
Whenever you use information from a book/ journal/ website etc in your essay, it\92s a good idea to input the reference information straight away into Word\92s referencing library. That way if you return a book to the library or can\92t find that website again, it\92s okay because you already have the reference recorded. This video shows you how to input a reference into Word whilst writing an essay.
Word: Inserting a Bibliography
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Once you have finished your essay, you\92ll need to insert the Bibliography. If you have been entering references into Word's 'Citation Library' (see video above), Word's Bibliography tool will compile your entire Bibliography for you in the click of a button. This video shows how to add your bibliography to the end of your essay.
Work out how much Revision time you have for each Topic
Enter the date of your first exam into the calculator below, followed by the number of topics you need to revise. Then click Calculate to get a rough idea of how long you can spend revising each topic.
Revision Calculator
Enter Date of first Exam
Number of Topics to Revise
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Check the next section on how to refine your Revision Timetable